The bad news is I didn’t preview the auction. The good news is I didn’t bid.

The bad news is I didn’t bring a pen and paper. The good news is I took mental notes:

The coin dealers were in their glory doing their mental conversions. I bet half of them didn’t even like basic math in grade school.

Early in the evening I did reflect on buying one item. However, the beveled mirror went to someone that saw a winning bid.

A video camera didn’t have view to any bids until one lady said, “she’d give it a shot” for $5.

When the hinges went up we knew who’d win. It’s hard to beat the hardware guy.

One of the dealers next to me tried his hand at a $15 stack of cards.

The woman in front of me bought the vintage clothes. Now she’s outfitted with advertising hangers and porcelain buttons.

There aren’t many places you can buy four items for $5. The Sebastian collector knew the auction was one of them.

Evidently, you can find eyeglasses there too. They’re helpful if you can’t see what President is on the paper weight you’re putting on the block.

There was one other item on the block I got hung up on. The phone rang in at a high bid of $45.

I’m in my 40’s too and thought about the 40’s linen. I didn’t bid when I remembered I have my Nana’s at home.

Everyone honed in on the retired auctioneer when the whale oil lamp was presented. People look up to him for a reason, he passed knowing it had a crack.

The bad news is I think I’m cracked. The good news is I got to talk to Mike at the end of the night.

  • The bad news is he’s married. The good news is I’m all talk no action!