Let’s Change The World


This morning I decided a fellow blogger and I are going to start changing the world.

It’s quite simple and you need to be a part of it.

Since all the world needs is each other, we are going to continue to write our way to giving of each other. Everyone has the desire to tell a story and share their souls – their laughter and their tears to spread joy and healing – so continue to post those types of entries with the tag “changing the world”. Let’s inspire hope for fellow man.

I challenge you all to post one OR MORE entries about when you helped someone in need – whether you knew they needed help or not. Maybe the story is about when you received that unexpected help or kind word? Create the tone in your entry to express the sadness, humility, thankfulness, joy, self-awareness, spirituality, anger or hope the moment created for you.

Through our stories, let’s hope that we really can change the world!

Thanks to a link in my own reader for this Sunday inspiration:


His post was the catalyst and I’ll post again soon with some examples of my own humorous and heart-warming posts…no matter how small.


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