This morning I was trying to change the world and asking everyone to post about a time of need. I’d originally wanted to post tonight about my Big Sister experience. After dropping my daughter off at her college campus, I prefer to tell you another story instead.

I was running on empty and selfishly sad because the holidays were truly over and my daughter wouldn’t be at the house for more than a month again. My husband stopped at Dunkin’s and I slowly emerged to get a couple of hot drinks. I trudged in barely aware of my surroundings. I heard the person behind the counter ask how my night was and realized I was the only customer.

That never happens to me at Dunks.

At first I wondered if he saw my unhappy face and then figured he was just bored. So, I gave a vague answer and he seemed interested. We talked as he made my drinks. In those couple minutes he tried to assure me that he had friends that had attended that personable school and that she was in good hands. I chuckled and told him that deep down I knew all that but I was just being a Mom. I told the young man he cheered me up. I left a nice tip.

I never do that at Dunk’s.

When I least expected it my barista had changed my world.