It was my responsibility to get the girls, future nurses, to Boston. I certainly knew the way but only drove as far as Alewife, a popular commuter station in Cambridge. I didn’t have any other arrangements. It was Saturday and nobody knew we were coming. I just wanted the girls to physically see some larger city hospitals. I’m not a planner and relied on the subways once we abandoned our car. I’m not comfortable with the one-way streets and city driving.

Sorry, a guide isn’t necessarily a cab driver.

I planned to get us to Mass General Hospital a few stops down the red line. I figured the girls would walk the halls of a busy hospital and observe whatever happened while we were there.

I didn’t realize we would tour the ether dome, learn some origins of nursing and take photos in the serenity garden overlooking the city.

I wanted us to switch to the green line and have a nice lunch on Newbury Street. I thought maybe we could check out a few shops before getting back on the subway.

I didn’t realize there would also be a glass front Condom World in that neighborhood.

It was actually ironic since we were on our way to Children’s Hospital.

Since my daughter would love to work there someday (Children’s not Condom World), I wanted her and her college bestie to at least see the building, the interactive walls and musical stairs.

I never expected the charge nurse to also let us view parts of the NICU! After that, we also played on the beach and enjoyed our personally crafted fro-yo.

We had a very long, fun and educational day in Boston. I very responsibly provided my sightseers with information about their places of interest.


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