Bostonian humah


Yesterday we spent the day in a few city hospitals to find career inspiration for some nursing students. I found inspiration to share my sense of humor with city folk.

I made at least one eaves-dropping man and one tourist family laugh.

The man was on the subway. While we all don’t make eye contact in the tunnels, we do all hear each other. I realized he’d overheard the question posed to me when I noticed he was grinning at my response.

My daughter’s friend queried, “What’s a cheap motel room?”

Not sure why I qualified as her current Google option, I asked if she meant the name of the motel or the cost of the motel?

“The cost.”

“Maybe $59 our $69 for a motel off the highway, like the one in the Leominster mall.”
“Wait!! Why is my 18-year-old daughter’s friend asking me about motels?!”

The silent otherwise unengaged green-liner’s smile made him look as relieved as I was to hear the answer:

“I can get that price for our vacation in Niagra Falls for the (such-and-such) ritzy destination hotel where I work as a banquet waitress.”

Creepers and Spring Break suddenly seemed harmless enough.

I saw the tourists on Newbury Street as we exited a swanky (such-and-such) retail clothing chain. The entire storefront was glass so I noticed them before I even opened the door. They were taking a photo of their daughter in front of the entrance. Behind the glass I inserted myself in the background, spread my arms and made the funniest face I could muster under my huge winter coat and felt hat.

Let’s just say “photo bomb” seems to translate in their native French and I’ll soon be on a few coffee tables in Paris.

Now it’s me that’s inspired…to heal the world with my engaging sense of humah…and it’s already stretching across the globe.