Flee Market

This title is not a typo but rather another name for a “drive-by” yard sale.  The dreaded car that slows down, ogles at goods from inside the vehicle and doesn’t stop. Nobody having a yard sale wants a car that just flees the scene but I admit I’ve done it. While I can usually find something I need or want at a yard sale…its not true for the “drive-bys”.

The key to not unintentionally creating one is to have something for everyone. If you only have toddler swings and potty chairs in the driveway, my car will not stop to look at your “dump”. When you’re selling hub caps and timing belts only, you probably don’t have a huge customer base. Furniture is not going to make me stop either if I’m in my mini Cooper. In these cases, the seller cannot be offended that I continued on my way. I’m the one that’s pissed…your sign was a typo!


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