Bright Blue Monday

I woke up this morning realizing I’d just dreamed about work drama, wild boars and a dirty bathtub.  I shook my head at what it does in the subconscious and took the dog outside.  It was near freezing and the wind was blowing so hard my hair almost braided itself.  I stood there while my dog found the right spot and realized my spot today would be back at a desk in the office.  I wondered if I’d made the best use of my vacation time, the girls enjoyed our days together and if I read enough books.  I was full out depressed for the end of vacation, plummeting weather and the beginning of a work week.  I didn’t know what was wrong and took it to another level wondering if I’d made the right life choices, if I was really happy and where I’d be in another year.  My usually positive outlook had tanked to zero in less than ten minutes.  I was a frozen mess by the time I went back in the house.

I trudged to my bedroom to ready for work and reached for what I’ve been referring to as my ‘inspirational calendar’.  Being the beginning of the year, I noticed the title was actually “God in Every Moment”.  January 5 read, “to begin again, we have to let go of every doubt we hold about why God has brought us to the place we are right now – – – and trust there are impossible-to-imagine good things ahead”.

WOW.  wow. Wow!

I started talking to my dog as I put on my make-up and gave the cats the rest of my cereal milk.  I kissed my never-sleeps-in-husband on the forehead and took a peek at my also sleeping girls upstairs.  Now I didn’t seem to mind what my day had in store for me and the DJ on the way to work explained that it was ” Blue Monday” for everyone.  I had my perspective back.


As I settle in after a good day’s work, delicious fajitas cooked by my husband and ordering college texts with Tarah, I ready for a night with all the bachelorettes in my life.  Within the hour, both girls and a half dozen of their friends will be cuddled with me in our living room.  We’ll have salty snacks, sweet selfies, and the still lit Christmas tree as we watch bulging Chris on the flat screen.  My dreams now translated into home drama, wild bitches and dirty dishes will come true.

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