Under the Dome

I couldn’t have gotten out with a win if I tried. There was an alliance and I wasn’t part of it. Daddy’s little girl could do no wrong. It was like she was the monarch. She was 19 and still making rules as she went along like she was 9. Add to that Daddy always opting to knock me off the board instead of her and they were having a grand ole time. He was protecting the monarch. I was also getting distracted by our oldest hollering up from the storm cellar. We were in our home restaurant and snacks were in play too. I became accostumed to the confusion and wanted to be in charge. I didn’t want to be on the other side. I was laughing, counting out loud, talking smack, and blowing on my popping hand for good luck. I thought I was the life of our home party. It was great to take this step back in time with our baby. They thought differently and wanted to give me a public hanging. They let me stay but did give me a talking to as I tried my best to chase them to the finish. This holiday has been grand. I cannot wait until next season.


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