No, I am not a D-cup but keep reading anyway. This entry will prove more supportive than those young over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Or in my case, a middle-aged webble-for-my-pebbles. Given this age and size, I never-in-a-million-years thought I’d find myself relating to J-Woww.

I’ve nervously watched the show with our own girls in the past, wondering what their social life would be in their 20’s? I do hope they have loyal friends and fun in life, as long as it’s not defined by alcohol and sex. I also want them to be motivated beyond the gym, tanning and laundry. They are away at college now and have to figure it all out for themselves. Neither of them have a television in their dorm room, so I thought maybe reality TV was a thing of the past.

I was wrong. When the girls came home for Thanksgiving, they sat down to ‘catch up’ on various shows. They weren’t watchin’ our South Shore, but a shore that’s south of us. I suddenly remembered the old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. I looked at the characters on the screen. I hadn’t realized the chicks on the show were growing up. They were even starting to settle down. I thought it was hysterical, so I settled down myself and watched an episode with our girls.

Observing the young couple in the hospital brought back so many memories. It also made me realize that a maternity ward is both where children are born and children grow up. The couple was so happy and comfortable with their new lives. They had matured overnight. I started to find the episode endearing. J-Woww proved more insightful than I’ve been in a 24-year marriage.

She knows this early on that when she gave birth to her daughter, she was “instantly chopped liver”.

I’d forgotten that our girls come first in Daddy’s eyes. That’s no reason to feel ignored or resentful.

Roger said that J-Woww was “definitely #2 now”.

I’d forgotten I moved down the list twenty plus years ago myself. Our girls having a good Dad shouldn’t make me bitter.


I thought about all that again today as I watched my husband’s morning routine with the pets. I realize they are part of our family unit list too. Those two cats and our pug get so much focused attention, I’m starting to feel jealous again.

I’m the one that gets up early with the dog and feeds them all when we come back inside. It’s such a frenzy, I don’t know how I don’t trip over one of them and break a hip. When my husband comes out to the kitchen, they are calmly awaiting his presence like children waiting in line for Santa.

While he boils water for coffee and oatmeal, my husband waits on them before even speaking a good morning word to me. I watch from the sidelines.

The cats get an individual saucer of milk. The dog sits, puts out his paw for a morning shake, dances in a circle and then receives his treat. They are both so proud of each other. I seethe on the edge of the room knowing I taught our dog those tricks.

The cats then await their ‘ten minutes of intense petting’. If only it was still that easy for me.

My husband tends to the fire and awaits the next log with his book and snuggly dog.

This is who we are. I feel happy and swindled at the same time. In making this house what I consider to be a rustic and informal but happy home, I have become #6 on the list. I drooped down on the list as easily and unknowingly as I drooped down.

J-Woww set a lot more than she thinks into motion. I wonder if I can help her relate when she’s my age?