Auction Blockhead

(1) a person that has their head so far up their new camera lens, they don’t see the following yellow ware being auctioned off for $5, (2) a group of people talking during the auction who don’t notice a vintage wooden tool box get a $5 bid with no counter offer, (3) a rookie woman spending so much time admiring her own jugs, she doesn’t see the giant smiling Santa go to the woman in front of her, (4) an auctionee heckler that gets payback when the runner doesn’t deliver her Shawnee pottery, or (5) an auction attendee that presses past the budget just to get a tray.

By definition of it, I would never do any of those things. I suppose I shouldn’t lie in front of my Holy Family winning bid though. People who buy wooden houses shouldn’t throw stones. That’s why I put my paddle down and just went home sweet home to my sledding hill.


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