Blogging and the people you meet – – –

I met this fellow blogger guy once. I say once because after he learned I’d been stalking him for months, he made sure I didn’t follow him anymore. His expression when I introduced myself was like a bomb went off. Note to self: Do not tie everything you learn about someone into your first meet & greet. I have to say though, as shell-shocked as he looked, I think he was actually a little flattered.

I wish I knew a good advice blog where I could find some valuable self-help entries about blogging community etiquette. Does anyone have any tips?

If people could only see how hot I am after working out in my 80’s workwear, I think they’d want to spend more time on my page.

Did I say 80’s workwear? I meant my Crossfit outfit that I wear at strength training boot camp.

It’s the same outfit my kids wear when they join me. Did I say kids? I meant my roommates.

I misspoke because I haven’t seen them in a while. I was in Italy showing off my new car design. My other hot women friends met me there and gave me a great celebration that included more bottles of champagne than you can imagine.

I’m not sure how many glasses of the bubbly I have left to enjoy in this sweet lifetime.

I was REALLY starting to question that when I had a close encounter with a great white when I climbed back into my party yacht.

I love spending my disposable income on self-righteous things like that. I mean, who needs it more than I do?

It seems I am full of myself today. I’ve been reblogged twice and added to a recommended blogger reader list. I only found all that out after a boring day at the office and trying to settle my pets in near the wood stove, where I can build another fire and some more fiction.

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