I woke up this morning reluctantly admitting to myself that the girls have to return to campus. While I am grateful for the time spent, I started wondering where I could have done more, said more, engaged more. There are so many angles and emotions to being a Mom, I often don’t know what to do with them all. I was thinking it would be helpful if I could come up with one good quote to encompass the unique and delicate role we play in our children’s lives. I wanted to write it in my mind and share it on my blog. While I didn’t have the answer, my devotional calendar did. It always does when I have searching thoughts:

“We live to be poured out for God – to allow Him to create in us a pure heart that He can use for a special purpose.”

It fit. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and wanted to share.

The Holy Spirit was talking to me.

Sometimes when this happens, he is not done speaking. I went to google to find the perfect image.

It was attached to this article.

Now the term “fruit” of the womb in the Hail Mary has a deeper understanding for me.

Today I’ll spend less time wondering, worrying and wishing. I will live in the moment for that drive back to campus.

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