Its All Greek To Me

I wasn’t excited to go to the Mall post Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to some 1×1 time with my oldest daughter though. I am always so proud of her.

Not to put words in her mouth but while I knew she needed sweaters, I don’t think she was looking forward to the 1×1 time as much as I was. She’s never convinced I really know her.

As we started our drive, I was very direct. I wanted to know more about her new boyfriend, the current roommate situation and her off campus job but not necessarily in that order. I let her choose.

“So, what’s going on with you? What do you like most about campus life right now?”, I asked too enthusiastically.

She’s not twenty yet, so I still heard a mumble as she put down her phone. I don’t think she necessarily liked my approach and wasn’t sure how invested she wanted to be in my conversation yet.

“I didn’t know that. When did you decide you liked AC/DC?”, I realized as soon as I said it that I hadn’t made the translation. I had lost points quicker than a smoking grandma at the casino.

Inject The Venom. “REALLY!? REALLY MOM? That’s your response? Are you kidding me?” I’m sure she felt Kicked In The Teeth.

I didn’t know how to answer quickly enough. I couldn’t respond. Come Hell Or High Water, I already knew I needed to fix this.

“You know, the sorority that I just pledged? I told you I went on a retreat! Can you even say the letters Mom?” She was never a Wild Child, just a Live Wire. She was ready to electrocute me.


I thought I would be driving with Miss Adventure but now I knew I’d have to Rock the Blues Away.

“Alpha, what, Mom?” I’ll be living there next year.” We were now on the ramp to the Highway to Hell.

I was Damned and had to say With a Stiff Upper Lip, “Alpha, Delta, Betta something.”

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me right now?” She was Spoilin’ For a Fight and I couldn’t blame her.

I was Damned. “I can never remember all the letters. I know you’re excited about it.”

Danger! “How about you look back at some of those texts and downloads I sent you. It’s all in there Mom.”

She was absolutely right and sometimes I wonder Who Made Who. I might be old school but sometimes I just need to put all the tweets, instagrams and texts into plain old verbal communication. I had been a turkey and managed to send a Love Bomb. The smoke did clear during the ride though. She knows I’m proud of her and I learned more about her job, roommates and Bruce. The thing was, I still needed to illustrate that I was invested in her from afar. We continued our way into the mall because Money Talks.