Head Case

I can make a case for my father-in-law any day of the week. I just hope he appreciates my defenses as much as I appreciate him.

Tomorrow is Thursday, so I’ll have his back as he does most of the cooking. I’ll be especially grateful since it’s Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean I can’t give him a hard time when he takes forever to make my gravy.

Tuesdays are auction night. So what if I only bought a cookie jar with no lid? My father-in-law would tell me I made something out of nothing. I love that about him. That’s why this is his host gift tomorrow.

Monday I was at work and someone asked me why my husband’s name was Richie, if his father’s name was Dickie? First of all, the two of them are similar enough as it is. Secondly, I’d stated that if they had the same name, it would make my father-in-law the big Dick. I don’t think it came out right.

I did make a case for him though. I defended him to the end. The end of my gravy.


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