Three’s Company

Character development is key to all good writing. It must be difficult to introduce multiple characters all at once. Tonight I smiled at the best trio to ever appear on my television set. I give props to the writers that gave them life.

It wasn’t the Brady girls or the Brady boys.

I wasn’t watching Three’s Company.

I wasn’t laughing at cartoons. It wasn’t Huey, Duey and Luey or Ed, Edd N Eddy.

The Power Puff girls are closer but they are from my children’s childhood. My favorite trio is from my own childhood. Although they existed long before I was born.

It wasn’t The Three Stooges or the Andrew sisters.

They were a cast of three among a cast of thousands. That’s why their lasting impression is so powerful.  They were the best in the company.

They had a great stylist, vocal coach and choreographer.

They are in the story for just a moment.

They had only a few lines and spoke in unison.

I like to think they helped develop my own writing style…welcoming, humorous and memorable.



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