I arrive home to a dark house, knowing my husband will not be home and I cannot wait to get started. It’s what I’ve thought about all afternoon. I realize I have to watch the clock but it’ll be done before he even comes back.

I take my purse and briefcase out of the car and find my way to the back door in the dark. The son-of-a-bitch forgot to leave the lights on again. I don’t hesitate with the lack of lighting or getting the key in the door though. I am totally focused on what I need to do.

I open the door and he is inside waiting for me. I put on his harness and leash as fast as I can. He needs relief, so it doesn’t take long once we are back outside. I walk down the driveway and number two comes easily also. We run back inside and meet the cats for dinner.

On my way to the food closet, I turn on my laptop. I feed all three of our pets and they are satisfied to get what they’ve been awaiting. I pull out other containers from the fridge and start to construct my own dinner. Before I heat it up, I enter my username and password.

I go to the stove and still don’t feel like I’m moving fast enough. I hear the food and internet firing up as I pour my juice. I am beside myself. (I am home alone.) The buzzer sounds and I sit down with my Chinese food as the anxiety melts away.

I am finally here with you fine people.

I have everything I want in my stolen moment. My husband isn’t home yet but I cannot wait to see what transpires while he is away. It starts with the cats in my lap, the dog snuggled next to me and a soft glow in the room. I’m finally alone with the rest of my thoughts.


21 thoughts on “Efficiency”

    1. I did enjoy this post, but I read it on my iPad this morning when still in bed and, somehow, one of my fingers must have hit reblog. But if you go to my blog, you won’t find it because, while I liked and can relate to this post, I didn’t intend to reblog it and I deleted it from my blog. Sorry if that caused you any confusion or aggravation.

      (By the way, I’m in the Pacific time zone, so 11 a.m., which is the time it says this reblog took place, was only 8 a.m. my time. I’m not so lazy that I would still be in bed at 11 a.m. — even on a Saturday morning.)


  1. There is something sacred about your own blog. A second home. The readers a second family. I can almost imagine you snuggling into your seat and sipping hot chocolate with a content smile on your face. Everyone needs an escape from time to time.


    1. im thrilled to know I painted an image. I try not to think of it as an escape though. For me, its more about reflection, acceptance and sharing. I like your blog. Thanks for following.


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