Fashion Forward

How cool is it when you realize the stars in your life are aligned as well as the models on the runway? That’s how I felt about last Thursday. First thing in the morning, I had enough cash in my wallet to send each of our girls a care package. At lunch, I had a successful vendor resale to a hip vintage boutique. It resulted in a hefty check, as well as an additional $8 cash that had been neglected in the total. While I waited for my funds I picked out a Jan Brady (I always had a preference for Jan vs. Marsha) top. I thought it would be fun to wear to my niece’s someday, since she loves vintage clothes. Anyway, since my morning and afternoon went so well, I decided to put in a little overtime at work. I thought the night might get me into an even better position to complete my work by year-end.

After everyone left, I was in a quiet office cranking away on dual monitors. I had a focused to do list for the next three days and wanted to complete as much as possible. My husband was out for the night with friends and he’d fed the pets before he left. I didn’t think anyone would miss me for a couple of hours. Although when I realized that, I was suddenly lonely.

Then my phone rang. It was my niece.

It was only 6:15 when she called. “Are you coming to watch the new episode?” Well, yah! I was just waiting for the engraved invitation. “Do you want to come over earlier and eat Chinese with us?” I looked at my surroundings and my buried desk. “No.” would have been the easy answer but “Yes.” was the obvious one. She said her husband would be getting the food soon, so I told her that I could be there in 30 minutes.

I made piles on my desk, packed my computer and grabbed my purse. Remembering my trip to the Post Office that morning, I thought I had no cash. Bummer! I’d have to stop at the ATM as well and I’d be eating cold Chinese. Then I remembered my random $8 from the shop at lunch! So I not only had enough money to pay for my meal, I also had the perfect top to change into and could stay out all night.

It was all a cool coincidence. I was going to jump in my car and we’d have a blast. Melissa and Chris and I have riotously funny times together watching Project Runway. That night we’d all be watching stars on the runway. The only problem was that it would also include Zac.