I’d already been to Mass but my salvation was down the street. I’d decided to take a nice long Sunday drive home – via Salvation Army, or “Sallie’s”. It was bigger than most, so I knew I’d find something.

I started in the children’s room and found a 1963 edition of “The Incredible Journey”, which was the basis for the 1993 Disney film remake of “Homeward Bound”. I thought it was funny that I found it by “Chance”, pun intended, on my own homeward journey. I found some vintage wrapping paper – 1970’s psychedelic – on my way into the brick-a-brack room. I’m not a glassware dealer but I do attempt to find the mixed in Waterford. I also like to look at the haberdashery of goods and think of projects to make or how to use them for a theme in my antique booth. I left with a punch bowl for a New Year’s Eve display.

I packed the trunk and continued my Sunday drive. Several miles down the street I happened upon an Open House. I knew I’d love whatever antiques were inside. I found two small wooden Christmas decorations and was extremely excited to identify an old German toy. My specialty is Fisher Price but only because I can never find the more expensive ‘turn-of-the-century’ tin toys. I was thrilled to now have one of my own in its original box.

With my package in tow, I noticed the campground sign as I left the shop. It was appropriately named “Treasure Valley”. I swear. Sometimes life just writes itself. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.