I don’t think a puggle is a cross between a pug and a poodle.  I’m learning they are a cross between a pug and people.  I thought we owned a pug but when I sit with Otis for long periods of time, I wonder if he is one of those puggles?  Otis has a lot of similar traits to my husband,  the alpha male of our family:

– He’s a great snuggler.

– He becomes very animated at dinner time.

– He has eyes that go right through you.

– He needs me to cut his toenails.

– His nose gets out of joint when someone else gets more attention.

– His eyebrows grow too long.

– He likes to play chase around the house.

– He cannot overeat or it shows in his waistline.

– He likes to be petted;  that’s the obvious one.

The clincher to knowing Otis is part person, just like his Daddy, are the horrible smells that leak out of him!