Fashion Blogger for a Night

My mother’s name is also Patricia but I am sorry to say that darts that big are only for an Irish pub.

To the other competitors, both uptown and downtown, these should not be in Central Park – east or west:

Unless you are Aerial, shells are for the beach, not the boobs.

A drape is something in my window, or a blanket over my couch, not a dress hanging off my side.

Dotted suede is car upholstery, not a high end Mood fabric.

A camo green square turned like a diamond is a diaper, not a skirt.

“Too short” is an expression at the amusement park, not a question asked before the runway.

A twist is what I do to my bathroom towel to make a turban, not a dress design for the front of my dress.

I must be dizzy from the first episode because I cannot believe I’m seeing “all stars”.

While Benjamin might not be making a lot of money, the winner tonight was Fabio-lous!