Yard – Sale – Find

The change of seasons was in full bloom two weeks ago here in New England. Autumn was at its peak.

This weekend another change was in full sight at a popular local flea market. I was at my annual low.

It was the tables. They had turned.

All the dealer tables were stacked and tilted representing an end to the outdoor flea market season.

All summer this flea market was the backup picking place if there weren’t enough yard sales in the area. It’s close to home and where to go if all else fails. The lot was ready for snowfall but there had to be something to still pick in my own backyard?!

This early Saturday morning there wasn’t enough time though. We had better plans for late Saturday morning. It was Parent’s Weekend on college campus. We reunited with some other parents, had lunch with our daughter and then went for a walk around the grounds. While it was a small liberal arts Catholic campus, I didn’t expect my picking prayers to be answered here. We came upon the Yankee neon in front of the campus store – BOOK SALE TODAY!

Hell yes.

Roll out the empty boxes, let me dig for some quarters and fill ‘er up.

The even better part was that while my husband doesn’t like yard sales, he’s always up for a good Book and Bake sale. He was with me now and I had my tag team. He went on one side of the tables and I the other. He covered the classics and popular fiction and I viewed the vintage and children’s. We met up at the register and gave the college our small donation for our very large box. Fair is fair. They posted the discounted prices for the day and we paid the inflated tuition for the semester.

The venue had changed from two hours ago. We were in peak performance.

Shortly after we left the building, departing parents were in full sight. I was at a Mom low.

It was the co-eds. They were running the show.

All the event tents and chairs were folded and stacked representing an end to the outdoor family weekend.

All the girls were with still us at our backup picking place. It had been close to home and the day hadn’t failed us in any way. Now the students were ready for more weeks of study but we’d already found The Seven Pillars of Wisdom in our own backyard.

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