What’s Cookin’?

My nest might be empty but it’s only because I’m getting to come and go as I please. It’s already almost dinner time and I can think of a hundred more things I’d like to do with my free time. Planning a sleepover or buying a party pizza is not one of them. I thought I might feel badly about feeling that way – but I don’t.

On this October Sunday my husband and I got to spend the day at our leisure. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to a young”ish” Christian couple. Even though it is, we didn’t have trouble deciding how to do whatever the HELL we wanted. We “slept late”, had breakfast together, cleaned up the house a little and talked about painting some walls. He got a sports recap on TV and I called a friend. We decided to take a Sunday drive. He got his Starbucks and I dropped some items off at my parents. I since also picked up my watch repair, wrote, made the bed and selected some items to bring to my antique booth. We researched some books together. Earlier he started dinner and I wrapped a few Christmas presents. (Funny how I decided to do that but not go buy the trick-or-treat candy yet.) There’s only a few hours left to the day and I’d still like to write a hand-written letter and take a long, hot bath.

First this Mommy will have dinner with Daddy. Later, we’ll finish the day by “reading in bed”. Nope, I don’t feel badly at all.