Bling Bling Stand

I bought some valuable jewelry for myself today. I almost passed right by it. As I re-approached, three girls hovered over me while I took notice. They were extremely excited and shared their opinion as to which piece of jewelry best suited me. I like the color of sapphires, so I selected the blue bracelet. There was a variety of shapes and sizes for the matching rings. I selected a multi-colored twisted variety, to create my matching set. I was pleased with my purchase and the other girls were thrilled for me – and themselves. According to their calculations, I owed them 25 cents for the bracelet and 15 cents for the ring. Adorable. So adorable and affordable, I handed them the $2 in my pocket.

I let them know that they now had to figure out how to share it among the three of them. I said they should always remember how hard they worked to earn it. Ater they thought about those two things, they had to agree if they were going to save it or spend it. If they decided to spend it, they had to agree on what and why. I quizzed them before I left and each of the three girls remembered one of the things I suggested.

I was on bling bling cloud 9. What a great shopping experience in their Grammie’s front yard. It wasn’t the lemonade experience I’d expected but an even sweeter taste of life. I climbed into my car, happy to see their literal jumping joy.

I thought my transaction was complete but one of the girls starting running back towards my car. They were all yelling at me to wait. As I rolled down my window, the second girl approached with a box. That’s when the smallest of them reached into it for my bonus gift…

…It was a precious, priceless, white paper heart.

They thanked me in unison as my own swelling heart also melted.