My Athena

My daughter is in her second year of college and she makes me proud every time I talk to her. She is secure, settled, studious and adventurous. I know she’s comfortable in her own skin and found a campus that suited her, I just never knew she was Greek. I don’t understand exactly what pulled her in but she wants to take up residence in a sorority next semester. When I was in college, the girls at larger campuses ‘rushed’ or ‘pledged’. She invoked her wisdom and told me that was considered bullying nowadays. She was just a candidate. She told me the few she was interested in and her number one choice. Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Zetta, Kappa, Phi, Epsilon. I still cannot keep them straight or remember which combination of three is her house next year. I hope I find my way as well as she has. It’s all Greek to me.