Two for the road

I never did let my yard sale bloggers know how my bargain hunting ended yesterday. After the estate, I didn’t have time for the yards but there was a rummage on my way home. I only had two dollars cash left but I figured, if nothing else, I could let my Mom know if it was worth her visit.

Who was I kidding? Of course I’d allow myself to find SOMETHING. I left with an L.L. Bean wool vest and two recent hard cover popular fiction novels. I was already preparing for the winter wood stove sessions in my living room. I’d managed to spend it all.

I talked to my mother last night and let her know I went to the sale she’d mentioned during the week. She had too, first thing in the morning. When I told her what I’d bought, she said she’d noticed the vest but it was a small. Did it fit me? Augh! She knows me so well…

It didn’t fit – I’ll give it to my older petite sister. I’m sure she’ll end up getting the books too. But not until I get to THE END of my bargains!


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