Fourth Wall

Prompt: Insert A New Character Into A Favorite Movie

It was 1954 and I was on my own trying to figure it out. I’d been a housewife and mother for 30 years so my skills were inside the house. After Frank left me, I suddenly had to do something to support myself.

It took me a few weeks to find the courage to look for a job and another few to actually find one. Once I headed out closer to Mansfield, I landed something to get me off my feet. That’s a funny expression since I was always going to be on my feet. I learned that after years of buying groceries, I could now be on the other side of the register.

The mechanics became easy after a few days and after only a few more, I started to feel a little better about myself. Customers were friendly and I learned I had a skill. We took breaks one-at-a-time but I got to know the other cashier and manager  after clocking in with them a few times. it was the elder bag boy I wanted to meet though.

I was attracted to him right away. He seemed down on his luck and unsure about himself. I guess that’s why I noticed him. He was just like me only a few months earlier. I did have to remind him to double bag and set the breads aside to put on top but it provided a little chatter.

One day, I decided I’d like to actually talk to Brooks about something more than groceries. I thought perhaps we could take a break together and go for a walk in the park across the street. We could feed the pigeons together. It would be the next step for me.

Unfortunately, the day I figured that out was also the day Brooks didn’t show up at work. The manager told us at the end of the day that he wouldn’t be coming back. He was dead.

I went home and cried for what seemed like another 30 years.

Re: What Brook’s from Shawshank Redemption never knew.

Mel’s Daily Prompt might like this oldie of mine.


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  1. You brought this scene to life. I really enjoyed the voice of the character and as I read I could see it happening… began to wonder about the what if. I really enjoyed it. Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite movies. Thank you so much for taking part 😀

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