Whatcha Got?!

Yard sales are precious this time of year in New England. There are only a few more weekends before the frost really sets in…and warmth replaces the need to clean or pick. Personally, I want houses cleaned out year round and know how to dress for the weather. I anticipate Saturday morning like a child anticipates their birthday or Easter basket.

I even know this will be a short post because I’m watching the clock, to ensure I leave at just the right time to be an “early bird”.

This Crowe is flying to an estate sale just down the street and then two yard sales on my way back into town. If time allows, there are two more out near my bank.

As I type that, I realize I’m excited for whatever is in between too.

I just need to get back before the Homecoming parade comes down the main drag.

My strategy today is to not spend too much time at the estate sale anticipating bigger and better deals. I have to be sure not to put all my eggs in that one basket – or it’ll be a drag coming home.