Mall Rats

I’m not a fan of the mall or retail in general. I especially don’t like it when kiosk personnel rudely interrupt our girls day with marketing inquiries about my personal hygiene. Sometimes when I realize I wasn’t slick enough to avoid them, and see someone approaching me with a sample or clipboard, I try to beat them at their own game. Rewind to yesterday for example:

“Hi! What kind of products do you use in your hair?”, was the literally bouncy approach.

“I don’t use any.”

“Well, what do you use to wash your hair?”, she asked like an investigator trying to determine my alibi.


Thinking she was now getting somewhere, she asked, “What kind?”

“The on sale kind.”

After a short mystified pause, she tried to lure me in with a compliment – “You have such great hair, let me bring you over here to see our product line for you to try.”

“Is it on sale?”

Thinking I’d taken her bait, “Well, not exactly but we have a great promotion I’d like to share with you.”

“Why? I already have great hair. You just told me so.”

She was now wishing she hadn’t approached our three for the price of one group. I let her off the hook she thought I was on and thanked her anyway.

…and that is my re-tale.


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