A Look Back

Every year while watching the Superbowl, I remember that I am the same age as a Championship effort.  I’m also as old as the Slinky and Pampers.  I told my in-laws last year that I was a jock Mom, stretched to my limits, whom never grew up.

I’ve always been competitive, although nowadays it’s at the dinner table versus the playing fields.  We watched the first half of the game at my parents house.  I joined in with the original team, family, and ate my portion of homemade macaroni and cheese.  Realizing the Broncos may be stewing for awhile, I went to the kitchen and had a hearty bowl of beef stew and a biscuit.  My nephews only gave me a hard time when they also saw me eat a large ice cream cone.  I’d just figured if the Broncos were going to go down kicking, I’d get creamed with them.  So much so, that I did take my mother up on finishing the rest of her chicken a la king.  It too was creamy but the toast points i ate with it did not spur any more points for the Broncos.

On to the in-laws a few miles down the street for the halftime show.  The name Bruno Mars seemed to give me a sweet tooth, so I reached into the candy house upon our arrival.  I tried to watch the show but I am not a fan of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I am a fan, however, of Grampie’s cheese stuffed peppers.  It was just one.  They do zing though.  Enough so, that I realized I should maybe slow down.  I reached for the fruit and took a bunch of grapes.  Literally, a bunch.  It was like it was a competition with myself.  I took the whole vine and found my seat for the second half.

My girls and I had met my husband at his parents for the second part of the game.  He’d been cooking with his Dad.  Yes, I threw away my naked stem and replaced it with more finger food.  Grampie’s homemade french fries.  It was just one bowl.  By the fourth quarter, I decided I couldn’t watch the game any longer than I could watch the rest of the family devouring Richie’s buffalo wings.  They smelled delicious and besides, if I ate five, maybe the Broncos would score five touchdowns in the next eight minutes.

I guess I just tend to route for the Underdog.  He was my favorite cartoon as a child.  I, on the other hand, would not be flying for awhile.  I had eaten more than a Superhero and linebacker combined.  I was more than stretched to the limits.  So much so, I was already hoping for some pampering if I didn’t feel too well in the morning.