Newsflash: Me, Myself & I

Describe yourself by generation in 500 words or less…

I’m the product of a French-Irish Catholic family and am #5 of #6, a middle child, which may explain a few things.  I was born in the late 60’s, a time of great turmoil for the nation and my parents.  My young childhood was in a small U.S. town in the 70’s  which was a great time to grow up.  It was full of color, fashion, hippies and therefore fringe. Every kid loved fringe. We were left to our own devices while the world went crazy.  It was a time when we knew to come back home for either dinner, to fight for our fair share, or when  the street lights went on – whichever came first.  My teen years were in a decade when everything was big – sweatshirts, video games and especially, hair.  I actually loved high school and was lucky enough to captain sports, be an officer for the NHS and wear a homecoming tiara.  I take pride of them in that order.  We respected our coaches, teachers and each other.  I met a cool guy just before I graduated.  My conservative self went on to board at a local liberal arts college.  That guy I mentioned proposed and we had a long engagement.  I initially went into the world for an international consulting firm that allowed me to travel and see a lot of different industries.  Now certified, I went to work for a fortune 500 company and got married.  The 90’s were newlywed bliss.  We designed and built a house in the woods and had two babies.  We added a dog (me and my Shadow) and a cat and it was true Suburbia.  While I still work, my focus in the new century has been being a Mom.  It is the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve ever had. The girls are my pride and joy and we are truly blessed.  Now that they too are in college, I’m learning to write again and that’s how I met you fine people.  Thanks for being part of the journey.


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