The Unspeakable

I felt I’d met him before but his appearance was not forgettable.  His physical characteristics were striking, yes, but it was his presence in the room that made me take notice.  He was a large man that appeared reserved, shy in fact.  We’d ended up sitting next to each other at the movie.  He wasn’t a master of conversation when we’d sat down but now seemed to be taking it all in as the scenes unfolded around him.  I decided he considered everything and was very thoughtful.  A deep feeler.

We engaged through the movie, laughing at the same moments and appreciating the epic adventure in front of us.  I could tell that he’d read the book.  His eyes seemed unblinking and he didn’t move a muscle.  He was a model of discipline.  I decided he had the heart of a marine – or was maybe an obedient product of Catholic school?

With that consideration, I started to wonder if he loved his wife.  I’d noticed his ring and now couldn’t stray from the thought.  He just seemed so comfortable with himself.  Did he have room for anyone else?  The silver screen seemed to be his current fixation and he appeared more than content.  He reminded me of my pug after he’s had his dinner and just wants to nap on the couch before bed.  Where was his wife?  This was a big night.  A much talked about release.  Who, besides me, goes to this movie so solo?

Maybe she was as worn and distressed as his wedding ring?  It looked like it had been around for awhile.  His hairiness made him seem middle-aged.  He was toned and muscular but had that rounded soft middle.  His hair, which was on his chin and not his head, was beyond the initial gray that makes a man look distinguished.  In fact, he had so much gray hair hanging off his face he was probably a wizard.

I was now glad I’d read the book too.  I was suddenly paying more attention to this character than any of the 10-foot ones on the screen in front of me.  As I turned my attention to him, he continued to be absorbed in the film. I decided I’d try to talk with him after the credits.

I had to know if he was always this engaged?  Did he appreciate the undertones of the movie?  I hoped he was just lost in the film and not completely self-absorbed.  I needed to know how it made him feel.  And if he told me, I wouldn’t forget.


3 thoughts on “The Unspeakable”

  1. Very clever post! Interesting, more so then whatever you were suppose to be watching on the big screen. I am reminded that so many times we move through life, intersecting with people without noticing them. It is ever so important to slow down and take notice, even if we never really have all the answers to the potential questions that can come when we meet people in and through our lives….

    By the way, I do go to the movies by myself or at least I did. Something my mom instilled in me as a child. Learning to entertain myself and not allowing others dictate what I will do or not do based on what they want or don’t want. My favorite movies I saw by myself (this dates me): Free Willy and Philadelphia!


    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m actually thinking of posting a Part II to this entry. The story takes an unexpected turn. It sounds like it at least captured your interest?

      Yes, it dated you. It sounds like you are much younger than myself. I remember when we first got color TV!

      Take care and write on!


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