Fringe Benefits

It’s been three weeks and I’m not just accepting my empty nest, I’m taking full and complete advantage of it:

– I’ve adopted my own soak tub and shower

– With so many new choices, I take time to make the perfect perfume selection each morning

– My closet is now threefold; i have fun finding just the right outfit

– It takes the right shoe to make the perfect outfit.  I’ve expanded those choices too.

– I buy more of my favorite snacks – because they are still there when I’m hungry

– I select whatever car keys I want in the morning – because they are exactly where I left them


– I took over the remote.  No more Kardashians, vampires, Jersey Shore repeats or zombies.

There is a God.


2 thoughts on “Fringe Benefits”

  1. Oh, Kardashians! How I loath to scorn—er—watch that awful show. I’m not really an empty-nester, but I get what you’re saying. That reminds me, I need to call my minion. Haven’t spoken to her in days. Excuse me, I have a phone call to make. 🙂


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