Music Rings In (MRI – Part III)

It was the morning of yet another MRI.  While I am used to getting them, I’m never fully comfortable with cavernous long moments spent inside that tube all by myself.   One must be mentally prepared to stare at a ceiling, an inch away from your nose, for 45 minutes.

As you may recall from prior posts, I hadn’t exactly prepared myself for my last session.  Today was different.  I was ready.  I’d psyched myself up during the entire drive to the facility.  I had things I wanted to think about and I needed rest.  This would only be a minor inconvenience to my work day.

When I got to the imaging office, I got good news to help me through the experience.  I was  booked for the ‘open concept’ machine AND since it was a spine scan, I could have headphones.

I was so relieved to have added assistance.  I was in a good mental state, had more room to breathe and could listen to the local radio station while inside.  I was going to rock this and the universe was on my side!

I didn’t realize how much until the scan and the music started.

As I entered the capsule and the music started, the radio shouted the lyric, “You’re a rock star…!”

Damn straigtht I was.

I listened to the whole song with a smile on my face.

I tried to maintain my positive energy when the DJ interrupted for a moment.

I didn’t have to work too hard to stay positive when the next song reinforced that “everything is going to be alright.”

Too cool.

As that finished, I reached out to my friend.  I’ve been remembering a lot lately that God is always by my side.  I squeezed my hand and imagined Jesus being the one holding it.

I kid you not – be a believer – the song, “I want to hold your hand” entered my ears.  A total calm ensued.

After that, the DJ’s talked about the person we’d learned had entered heaven that day.  Yes, Joan Rivers.  They played one of her interviews about dying and what she wanted her funeral to be like.  I love Joan.

I was starting to enjoy my ark.

So much so, that I realized I was here versus the office.  I had a meeting once I got there but I wasn’t too concerned about the timing.    They knew where I was, so I’d just let them know when I got back.  I found it increasingly funny how the next tune in my ear stated  “Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You.”

They had that right.  I’d deal with Corporate America when I was good and done.

I must have been getting cocky though.  The technician interrupted my local radio to tell me the next scan would last 7 minutes.    One of the longest of the series so far.

So, of course, she forgot to flip my headphones back to the music.

Augh!  Now I had to just listen to the damn noises.  I wonder how many people have also experienced listening to someone else’s heart beat inside their head?!

Besides Poe I mean.

When the next scan started, the technician added the music back so I tried to forgive her.  Taylor Swift telling me to “Shake it Off” helped.

I was ready to go by this point.  To the bathroom I mean.  But after that I couldn’t wait to get outside.

The last scan finished and I realized that I had been Brave.  I would fly.  I would chase the wind and touch the sky.

I was part of His Universe.