Check Please

Last night I had a reality check when I heard my husband talking to Trisha.  She was telling him about our day at the mall before she leaves for college.  Trisha was showing him all the last minute purchases and talking about packing the car.  When she showed him her new shirt, he admired that she could still get clothing money out of me.  My heart sank when I heard her clever response.

“Well, actually I told her to buy two.  I let Mom know if she did, we could both have one and match on move-in day.” 

I didn’t know all her tricks!  After all these years, I’d actually thought I’d heard a sweet unselfish idea.  

Sure, maybe I fell for it too quickly because I couldn’t wait to look like a co-ed again.  Or perhaps it’s more fitting than I thought.  Clearly I still need an education.  Mommy is so naive.


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