Movin’ on Up!

This morning I dressed for a sunny cool day in New England and put on my sneakers.  We were bringing our daughter to college and had an over abundance of boxes to move into her dorm room.  I thought about the sweat and tears that were destined to be in my future.

We drove on campus and saw extreme school spirit, cheering, high 5’s and a parade line to her dorm.  We were ready to unload but instead a barrage of football and field hockey players told us to stay in our cars.  We only had to sit inside and watch the teams haul ALL the boxes and gear to her room!

After having lunch and leaving campus, I realized we hadn’t broken a sweat.  I HAD shed the tears. I moped when we got home.  Then I didn’t know what to do with my extra energy.  We decided to leave the empty nest. I dressed again, but this time for a night on the town, and I put on my dancin’ shoes.