Miss Opportunity

Of course I’ll miss them.  However, there is opportunity for what I won’t miss also – 

1)  Those garbage pail misses – when someone throws something away but doesn’t happen to notice that the trash bag needs fixing and now you have to, you HAVE to, reach in and get that egg shell that’s oozing against the pail.  And now you have to wash the pail.  And now you have to take out the trash because it’s stuffed full and nobody is home to yell at right now.

2)  Spending my time wondering why there are 6 toothbrushes and 7 lady razors in my bathroom if only four people live in the house, three of which are women?  …two of whom have their own bathroom?!

3) Finding my washer stopped because it is overloaded with 87 towels.  While you’re glad someone did the laundry, the machine just couldn’t get to the spin cycle even though it wanted to wash a whole month’s worth at once.  I’ll add to this one that I won’t miss opening the dryer door to find not just unfolded laundry but sopping wet laundry – – – that now needs to be rewashed because it’s starting to smell funny.

…that is all – so far?  for today?  

I’m not sure.  I started off so easily but for each one I posted, I thought of a zillion things I’ll truly miss.  Meals, friends, slammed doors, brushing hair, being silly, foot rubs, walks, talks, selfies – – – OMG, the selfies!  I’ll just have to message them in a text – so we don’t miss the opportunity.