Funny Bone

This is how I think while watching others come and go as I sit in the hospital waiting room –

*   To learn you have to wear a cast for four months – tough break!

*   Educate yourself about the impact of a wisdom tooth extraction…

*   An inspiring  life motto for a blood type – B positive.

*   To know it only took one – “Oh, baby!” to get pregnant.

*   I love the expression – “pins and needles”;  I’m a seamstress.

*   My uncle is needy but I didn’t want him to have knee surgery!

*   It’s depressing to know my sister is bi-polar.

*   I get tired of people asking me if I have M.S.

*   There is nothing artistic about a blood draw.

*   The wheels to his car were speeding and now he’s in a wheel chair.