Weigh Wrong!

My 19-year old daughter hugged me and then critiqued that she’d felt a roll. Always quick to provide the not-so-obvious thanks-a-lot, I’ve been hiding-that-the-best-I-can comment, she struck me to the core. With my head down, I trudged into my mother-in-laws bathroom. Wrong move. Not the in-laws visit so much as facing the dreaded scale in there. I don’t have one at home, so I figured I’d see what the numbers said. I’d been trying not to subject myself to this audit. I do admit that a year ago my pants were hanging off me and now not-so-much. My first reaction was that the scale was broken. I mean, my pants had been getting tighter too but that was just my husband learning to do laundry. The waistbands were shrinking. So were my bras. I was only recently growing a pair. Does that happen when you get older, fatter or both? If they were planning to hang around more than they already were, new lingerie had to be in the near future…
and if that’s the case, I’ll just roll with it …and be more huggable than ever.