One of my favorite yard sale memories of last summer was the morning I showed up at my Mom’s and she was waiting on the corner of her property with cooler in hand. One of my not-so-favorite memories of this summer, was today. I showed up at the usual 7:30 a.m. and my mother was doing the dishes. She wanted to finish them before we left. Are you kidding? Daylight was burning. Others were already out there. I could feel the deals flying out of the yards, garages and estates as I watched her prepare for our departure.

I was trying not to be bossy as I told her I wanted to tap my feet.

“What do you mean?”

I demonstrated. She laughed. “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.”

I was trying not to be fresh when we finally got to the end of her road. There was no other traffic in town. I pointed it out to her.

“What do you mean?”

I explained they were already at the yard sales. She didn’t laugh. “Ya ahun.”

When we got to the advertised garage sale and there was only metal file cabinets, 2×4’s and plant food, I told her my friend Laurie had planned to be here too.

“Really?” She sounded interested.

I explained that she had probably shown up when there was still stuff for sale.

I thought I was a riot. Not bossy. She thought that was Bull.


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