Where Oscar Lives

The first time I did a dumpster dive was when I was in high school. OK, so it wasn’t me. It was three of my guy friends. I’d lost my retainer at lunch. I thought my parents would freak. My friends knew I had a stricter home life, so when I realized I didn’t have my retainer at the end of the day, they jumped into the cafeteria dumpster and started digging. God love ’em. Talk about friends for life. Although, I don’t know if they’d still think so – if they learned what I learned that night. My parents had insurance on my dental hardware!

The second time I did a dumpster dive was for work. I’m an auditor and when you do forensic auditing, sometimes there’s a need to go to the source. It’s not quite the 1980’s memory but one that I actually take pride in…

The third time I went dumpster diving…well, let’s just say that not enough time has passed to see the humor in it –

although I’m sure Oscar would appreciate it.