Local Transport


It was the holiday weekend, so there were only a couple of local advertised yard sales to hit.  That was fine though, two vehicle rides are better than none.  I picked up my mother and I transported her to the first address.  The yard was there but the sale was not.  They had nothing to show for themselves and neither did we.

The roads were near desolate.  That’s when we realized we were on a pilgrimage but without the devotion to the second location.  It was too long of a journey, so we took advantage of the local flea market instead.

There were half as many dealers but we can usually find something of value.  My Mom found a roll of gift ribbon for fifty cents.  She knows I love to wrap gifts, curl ribbons and watch her spend quarters in the most selective way.  I bought a Fisher Price milk truck – minus the decals, minus the milk bottles, minus the good condition.  It was only a buck and I decided I’d repurpose it to suit my needs.  One row later my mother found a Yankee candle votive.  It too was fifty cents, which is a fraction of the almost $2 retail nowadays.

We headed back to the car after each relinquishing a dollar.  My mother reached into her plastic bag to hand me my ribbon.  When she did, she realized her candle was gone.  The hole in her bag had escaped her!  The hysterical irony was that she usually brings her own bags.

Pat had nothing to show for herself.  I only had a car to transport my mother and a milk wagon to transport my ribbon.   That was fine though, two vehicle rides are better than none.