That’s Gods Work, Not Mine


What do you do when a business woman you’re just starting to get to know offers you a toy box for your booth because she has a consignment shop but you sell books and toys and shes not trying to get rid of her junk but offering it to you because she knows thats what you love and you think i am a dealer now and starting to accumulate too much stuff but you thank her graciously and let her know that you can at least use it for storage if it doesn’t sell but thats not even what matters because she passed it on like an offering and a gift of the smallest proportion but those are the things that matter most in this world  so you do put it in your basement and add a few new books because you dont sell new you sell old and old reminds you of that mass you went to with your elderly father last week where they talked about packing and giving lunches to kids on fridays so they have food to eat on the weekend and you think to yourself how cool it would be to also give them a book because you recently learned that most poverty-stricken homes dont even have them and only 1 in 300 poor children even own a book and youve been dwelling on how sad that is for weeks now so you realize you need to call the church and ask them if you can piggy-back on their charity event and give them books but you hesitate that others wont think thats as good of an idea as you do so in a few days you add a few more books to the toy box but your donations seem so immaterial at this point and maybe its not a good idea if you cannot support its upstart on your own so you tell yourself that you cannot call the church with your idea until you have fifty books to donate yourself so that you are taken seriously and then you are helping your daughter with her own bookshelf when she gets home from college and she realizes she needs to purge some of her own books and you put them in a cardboard box and mark them ‘teen’ and you are happy she has been lucky to have read all these books and you realize that your brown bag book lunch idea has just expanded into providing not just children’s books but teens as well and so you put those next to the toy box that you now notice says ‘storybook kids’ on the side and tell yourself someday it may come together and in that same weekend you are cleaning your garage and you find a pile of newer golden books that you never sold so you walk them into the basement too and realize you’ve now filled half of the toy box so you count them.  And there’s fifty.  Theres exactly fifty.  So you go make a call.