Cross Her


As they stepped into the doorway, I immediately took her into my world. Their laughter, and her smile, lit up the room. She had a glow that made you want to take notice…of her figure and the brown hair cascading over her shoulder. She was somewhere between the age of a co-ed and an early retiree. That spanned a lot of ages but that was part of her mystery. She had the maturity in the group but the playfulness of a child. As they all slid into their booth, I wondered what they were celebrating. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world and I wondered why? As I finally started to glance away, I noticed the cross around her neck as well. It was like the final piece of a puzzle. It explained her light, the smile, the glow and her timeless presence. She must have the faith of a child and the gratitude of an old woman. She was celebrating life. She was celebrating the Lord.