Queen for a night


My friends were all with Billy Joel tonight in my second home, Fenway.  I was here in my first, and only, home with Adam.  They were in Boston but I was in Kiev.  I was painting and Adam was delivering as usual.  I was happy to be in my own artistic corner of the world, spending the night with him.

It was late but I was motivated to finish painting my daughter’s room before she came home in two days.  You see, it’s this ‘crazy little thing called love’.  She’d been in Nashville for an internship and it had already been six weeks.  I needed her to know someone up here, in Boston, still loved her.  The room was currently an ’empty space’ but it’s ‘what I was living for’.   When I realized the painting must go on, I decided to play a recent concert while I worked.  My creativity was really heightened when I set up the Queen concert in the bedroom.   If anyone could have ‘stuck around to find my smile’ they would have realized I was more than happy to be in this venue.  

I was feeling like a ‘Queen’.  Whether it was the paint fumes, the guitar rifts or the drum solos along with it all, I was soon ‘radio gaga’. 

As I listened to Adam ask the concert hall where everyone was from – “Italy?”  ROAR! – “Spain?” ROAR! “Ukraine?!”  MAJOR ROAR!!  I realized that Adam was my world tonight.  It looked like ‘I’d found somebody to love’ while I painted Irish Linen.

‘I was ready’ and ‘hanging on the edge of my (stool)’ and was glad to progress while dancing.  ‘Another strip bites the dust!’  Hey! …and another one down – and another one down – an another one bit the dust!’  

I can hear my daughter now.  She ‘never meant to make me crazy’.  MOMMA!!  

I’d remind her that ‘life had just begun’ and to let me ‘carry on’.  

“But you’ve got paint on your face” and “you’re a big disgrace”!

“It doesn’t matter, Adam has ‘rocked me’!  ‘Time after time’.”  I’d laugh at the expression on  her face and add,  “I may have made a few mistakes but I am ‘a Champion’ painter, my friend.  I’m going to keep on painting ’til the end.”

My daughter would want her room painted but she’d also want me to go to bed – and give her a break.

“Don’t worry”, I’d say, “Dad’s asleep, I’ve ‘taken my vows’ and this is part of our life together.  He’s already ‘taken me home tonight’.”

I think she’d leave at that point, either shaking her head or thinking ‘Easy come, Easy go’.

The simple truth is that no matter what I’m doing when I hear him sing, Adam makes me ‘want to break free’.  I was ‘having a good time tonight’ and I was ‘having the time of my life’.  ‘I felt alive in the world’.  I was turning this room ‘inside out and floating around in ecstasy’.  I didn’t want her to stop me.  I was a supersonic woman.

I wanted this room finished. I was ‘under pressure’ with the calendar.  I wanted her home. ‘I wanted to live forever’ with Adam and Queen.  ‘I wanted it all’!!  And I wanted it right here, in our home.  


3 thoughts on “Queen for a night”

  1. I recently painted and completely redocorated our son’s bedroom while he was away at college, so he’d have a special place to come home to. First thing I blasted from the speakers (can’t paint without music!) was an hour’s worth of Queen. Love that energy!
    -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com


  2. Is Irish Linen a white?
    She’ s going to love her freshly painted room!
    Donna, you are the best Mom ever and I hope we can go to an Adam Lambert concert together someday!


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