Child Guidance Toys


One of the best things that I ever bought at an auction was a total impulse bid. It wasn’t on my watch list or part of my budget. It wasn’t something I thought I needed or anything I could flip at the antique store.  It was just something that nobody else bid on that I could have for $5.

I couldn’t even get a bargain like that at the Dollar Tree. They were also Made in the U.S.A. It’s a combination which doesn’t happen. My gut must have realized that and jumped, before the rest of me could resist, at the chance to take the opening bid. It was also the closing bid. I sat there wondering why I’d just bid on six large orange traffic cones.

I wasn’t in public works. I wasn’t looking for something cool for my dorm room. I didn’t need to recreate a Driver’s Ed course. I laughed at myself wondering how these could possible work in my life. Two weeks later I realized the value of paddle fever.

It was the night before Halloween. I won’t put candles in my yard and I didn’t have enough battery tealights to light up our entire driveway. What I did have was six bright orange traffic cones. I used my winning bids and battery-operated flames to create a lit path down our entire driveway. My orange path was colorful, fun and added personality to the night. Just like me. People don’t think I’m needed but once you get to know me, you’ll flip.