Go In Peace


We were on our way to the annual Book and Bake sale on Route 2A.  We knew the way but lest we forget, we just needed to get past the Indian.  It’s not always an easy feat on a June Saturday morning in New England.  There is Yankee neon everywhere this time of year.  My mother and I love those yard sale signs and can spot them from a good distance.  

We were just turning onto 2A when we spotted one of those signs in the opposite direction.  We’d left early, so we decided to check it out and then double-back.  It was in a development and the retirees were headed to Florida.  My Yankee mother found her $3 brand new large Yankee jar candle.  She asked for the Yankee discount to get it for $2 instead but she was doing her bidding with a fellow veteran Yankee.  No.  It was already a deal-and-a-half at $3.  My mother knew that and had her few singles at the ready.  “It never hurts to ask”, she’s taught us.  I went inside to look at the frames and furniture and realized this was also allowing us to get a free tour of these condos.  I told my mother to come inside, since she’d recently decided to downsize in the near future.  I was the star of the day for thinking of it.  So much so that I spotted a huge chandelier sized 3-dimensional “it’ll knock your eye out” multiple pointed metal star with punch out designs, in the corner of the driveway on our way out.  I gave the couple $5 more and we were a financial part of their happy trails.  

Mom and I climbed back in the car and after re-admiring our purchases, continued on our way.  We arrived at the library at 8:15 and there was a line.  We still had 15 minutes but knew the church down the street was having a yard sale.  We can clean out any home or municipal property of their best values in ten minutes or less, so we headed over to await 8:30.  After all, we were burning daylight.  I found a gorgeous old edition of a Currier & Ives book and some metal angels.  They cost me $2.50 but they’d flip, just like I did when I saw them.  I wasn’t sure what my Mom was purchasing but was touched when we got to the car and she gave me my new journal.  That was priceless.

I had a book that I would treasure, so it almost seemed pointless to go to the book sale.   Almost.  So we did.  We wouldn’t have known what we were missing otherwise.   I poked long enough to get a few non-library editions of my favorite child illustrators:  two Richard Scarry and one Maurice Sendak. My mother found me a Little Golden book just when I was convinced there wasn’t one in the whole place.  

After leaving the loud silence of the library, we headed out into the brilliant sun to hit the next town.  It was only the beginning of the day but I felt like nothing could sneak by my mother.   Certainly, nothing was getting past me either on this Yankee Saturday.  I am a Crowe by marriage.  I am the Indian.