Run on

Who the hell does he think he is and why in the world would he want to go 85 miles an hour onto an interstate when there are already two tractor trailers on the only two lanes here and i am by the way behind the 18-wheelers one of which looks like its carrying part of the Alaskan pipeline and holding my breath long enough to then explode in a fury of the alphabet but I cannot make my way to the letter G because suddenly all these F bombs are coming out of my mouth after i realize the jackass just took my life into his hands that probably arent even on the wheel but rather changing the radio stations or some damn thing while he gets a jam on that is now causing a traffic jam of quick confusion and it more than confuses me why people think this kind of driving will actually get them to work earlier where by the way I’ll be needing to tell my own employer that i had a heart attack and mini-stroke on my morning commute but now I don’t want to travel regularly over this distance although that son-of-a-bitch is back within my sight but now I see the blues got him so I am going to drive past him very slowly with a smile which is actually a huge grin on my face because he ended up getting his own dumb ass run off the road.