Not what they seem


She thought it was a gaudy plastic ring;  I knew it to be vintage Coventry.

He said the whole table was half price;  I had no problem paying two bucks for the vintage iron.

All their games were marked a dollar but they weren’t even worn;  adopting 1940 Parker Brothers to a new home worked for me.

The dealer said a lot of her friends had given her things to sell;  so I bought the miniature coke case and bottles to flip a buck.

Too cute to pass up a reindeer head bell even at the start of summer;  fifty cents will help create my Christmas in July booth.

She offered to throw it in at fifty cents more;  who was I to turn down an angel and her wings?

Henry was a character in my books as a child;  he was now vintage bisque more than worth his two dollar value.

I was looking for peeps in her basket of goodies but enjoyed the metal jacks instead.

I thought it was plastic army men but they were medieval knights – for joust fifty cents.

She knew it was Longaberger but it was still a good deal, so I put the remaining two bucks into my one basket.


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