Power to be

Daily Prompt:  From Chronicles of Anglo Swiss:    One part human – two parts something else – what would they be?

Spiritual Adv”eye”sor

I recently posted a picture of myself with glasses on and sunglasses on my head.  I liked the photo because it also illustrated the wind blowing through my hair.  I looked so cosmopolitan. I had made my friends laugh on the elevated rails in Manhattan. That day on the High Line had been one of the best.

When I arrived home from my girl’s weekend, my daughter changed all that.  They have that tendency, since girls have a different perspective of their mothers.  She told me it looked like I had six eyes. Great.  Just when I was feeling good about myself.  It made me recall that when she was little, I told her I had eyes in the back of my head.  That would’ve been four.  Maybe after watching her all these teenage years, especially when she wasn’t looking, I earned two more. Maybe the photo was a visual of my guardian angel superpower.

Maybe I should take a quote from Little Red Riding Hood and tell her, “The better to see you with…”

Perhaps I should also tell her I have wings under my shirt.  The ones I use to help her soar.  When they were installed, they came with enough advice to counsel her when she asked or plant seeds when she didn’t.  They helped her to grow.  It’s a floral type of growing.  The kind you don’t hear or see until the blossom is in full bloom.  Right in front of you.  In all its beauty.  But the wings don’t quietly bring that beauty.  The wings have the faintest whisper.  About wisdom. When to pray for it and when to pray. When I have hopes for her future or see her in danger.  If I use the wings correctly, I could be her greatest advisor.

The Holy Spirit guides us all if we listen – and want to see into our souls.

One part human, one part guardian angel, one part spiritual advisor is not what my parts would be.  It’s what they are.

I am a Mom of the greatest power…postaweek