I woke in the morning and realized I’d slept away final hours of opportunity.  I hadn’t seized enough moments or asked enough questions.   I needed to understand.  I’d wanted us all to dig deep. To be in each others shoes.  Enjoy fleeting moments.  What was everyone’s life really like?  Perhaps, it was me that hadn’t been listening?  Really listening.  Heartaches and tribulations. Joys and achievements.  I needed more.  There’s never enough time.  Did I know what I was taking away?  We’d talked about the kids.  Had we addressed ourselves?  Do I really know these lifelong friends?  What were we all going home to?  Were we happy?  Where were we headed?  Do we still have dreams?  Could we refresh one another more than we already had?  In only a few days?  Was it enough?  How long could I hold onto this?  Would I remember what we did share?  I was afraid, sad and wanting more.  How selfish.  We had laughed.  We had cried.  We do keep in touch.  We are invested in each other.  We appreciate each other.  We got each other.  The time together had been easy.  That was the problem.  It was now time for the hard part.  We would have to say good-bye.  In only a few hours.  I crept out of bed and went into the hotel bathroom.  I took a shower of tears.